Carmarthenshire’s Effot To Preserve Animal Life

As of the moment, the people of Carmarthenshire are into promoting aquatic animal’s preservation and they have gathers this “Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust” which aims to raise awareness to all people around the world, particularly all the tourists who wishes to visit the place for a fishing and vacation trip to help keep the surroundings and take care of all the aquatic animals, particularly the small ones, so that we can preserve them all for our next generation of kin.

This will also enable local communities to contribute to sustainable management of river catchments in order to improve migratory fish stocks whilst also promoting broader benefits to the catchment communities and to the wildlife associated with the river environment. Not just in Carmarthenshire but to all parts of the world who have some endangered species to help protect them and make the world a better place for them and for everyone through campaigns, advertisements and promotions.


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