Fishing Sites That You Should Go and Visit

Fishing is both a form of living and interest for many people in the world, more so in Europe. It is an activity that may seem simple when you casually think of it, but in reality, it is so much more than that.

Anyhow, if you are an enthusiast, here are fishing sites that you should go and visit. For sure you will have wonderful experiences that will make your going fulfilling, making you want to fish some more.

Laxá River, Iceland

Looking for salmon? Then, River Laxa is the best place for you! There is a great percentage of big and healthy salmon in there but not only that, wild brown trout is also dwelling there with a size as big as two to three pounds.

Alta River, Norway

This location will necessitate a fishing license and there are two kinds: an exclusive one, which is for unlimited access while the other would be for specific and short durations only. From the 1st of June to the 31st of August is the official fishing season. For the early days of September, you are only allowed to look for sea trout. Here the salmon is enormous, that is why many flock to fish in the area.

Lapland, Sweden

A spot you should not miss out on is Lapland. There are four wild mountain rivers out there, together with smaller forest river and some lakes. You will surely have a rewarding fishing trip as different species from grayling, perch, pike and trout, among others, are waiting to be just caught.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

Both fisher men and women travel just to meet the many fish that migrate to the coastal landscape of Orkney. It is definitely a paradise for anglers, young and old. The islands are on the edge of the Atlantic Gulf Stream and so, they provide much amount of fish species. Trout and salmon are common catches.

Rio Ebro, Spain

Catfish and carp fishing holidays will certainly be spent well in the Spanish waters. There are both guided and unguided tours, which are good for everyone from solo anglers to families. The freshwater fish, Zander, is abundant in Rio Ebro as well.

Kola Peninsula, Russia

With 75 salmon pools, you can really see that the Russian territory is rich and filled with fishes. It is a magnificent site that will no doubt satisfy the fisher in you. Enjoy the fishing season with catch that is so healthy and big. The Kola Peninsula is then even recognised globally as one of the great Atlantic salmon rivers.

Angling is at its finest in these selected few. If you are to plan for your next trip, then you should take these fishing grounds in account. For sure the travel and commute will all be worth it because you will be taking delight in the many natural wonders. Bodies of water are major components of the world and more importantly, fish of numerous varieties swim in them.